Day 1 – Monday, September 9, 2019

9th PSEPB Conference opening

12:00–12:15 – Opening ceremony
12:15–13:00George Coupland – “Mechanisms conferring seasonal flowering responses in annual and perennial plants”


Session 1: Sexual plant reproduction

Chairs: Peter K. Hepler and Marta Lenartowska.

15:00–15:30Peter K. Hepler – “Tip growth in pollen tubes: a role for ions and actin”
15:30–16:00Krzysztof Zienkiewicz – “Here, there, and everywhere: The importance of storage lipids in pollen performance”
16:00–16:30Thomas Widiez – “The genetics behind being ‘Not Like Daddy’: new insights in double fertilization thanks to maize haploid inducer lines”

16:30-17:00 – Coffee break

17:00–17:30Guang-Yuh Jauh – “Exploring the molecular and cellular mechanisms of promising genes involved in Arabidopsis embryogenesis and seed maturation”
17:30–17:40Agnieszka Zienkiewicz – “Insights into the machinery that mobilizes pollen lipid droplets”
17:40–17:50Anna Suwińska – “Expression of the CNX/CRT chaperones during pollen tube growth”
17:50–18:00Aneta Słomka – “Could photosynthate deficiencies and sensitivity to thermal stress lead to low seed set in common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench)?”
18:00–18:10Piotr Ziółkowski – “Mixing under control: genetic factors that regulate crossover frequency in plants”

18:10–18:20 – Discussion

18:20–19:00 – Poster session

19:00 – Welcome party

Day 2 – Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Session 2: Plant omics

Chairs: Maciej Stobiecki and Maciej Ostrowski

9:00–9:30Wolfram Weckwerth – title coming soon
9:30–10:00Joachim Kopka – “Plant temperature acclimation and growth rely on cytosolic ribosome biogenesis factor homolog”
10:00–10:30Bernhard Grimm – “Multiple posttranslational control mechanisms for the proteome of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis”

11:00–11:30 – Oral presentations

11:30–13:00 – Poster session


Session 3: Epigenetic and epitranscriptomic regulation of gene expression

Chairs: Gordon Simpson and Janusz Niedojadło.

14:30–15:00Gordon Simpson – “The Long Read”
15:00–15:30Brian D. Gregory – “Epitranscriptome-mediated reprogramming of the plant transcriptome”
15:30–16:00Rupert Fray – “mRNA methylation complex components and methylation outcomes in a model plant system”

16:00–16:50 – Oral presentations

17:30–19:00 – Poster session

19:00–21:00 – General Assembly of PSEPB (for PSEPB Members only)

19:30–21:00 – Toruń by night tour / Gingerbread feast

Day 3 – Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Session 4: Plant interactions with other organisms

Chairs: Katarzyna Turnau and Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz.

9:00–9:30Marc-Andre Selosse – “Orchids eating fungi – when mycorrhizal symbiosis turns to exploitation”
9:30–10:00Christel Baum – “The ecological significance of the plant microbiome”
10:00–10:30Adam Schikora – “Friend or foe: Crop plants between beneficial and pathogenic bacteria”
10:30–11:00Katarzyna Turnau – “Microbes as drivers of plant success – new tools in agriculture, plant protection, phytoremediation and agromining”

11:00-11:30 – Coffee break

11:30–11:40 – Oral presentation 1
11:40–11:50 – Oral presentation 2
11:50–12:00 – Oral presentation 3
12:00–12:10 – Oral presentation 4
12.10–12:20 – General discussion

12:30–13:00 – Poster session


Session 5: Abiotic stress responses

Chairs: Władysław Polcyn and Jarosław Tyburski.

14:30–15:00Cécile Bousquet-Antonelli – title coming soon
15:00–15:30Ewa Sobieszczuk-Nowicka – “Physio-genetic dissection of stress-induced leaf senesence & timing its reversal in barley”

15:30–16:30 – Oral presentations

17:00–18:30 – Poster session

18:15–19:15 – Agisera workshop

19:30–24:00 – Conference banquet

Day 4 – Thursday, September 12, 2019

Session 6: Plant hormones and hormonal regulations

Dedicated to the memory of Professor Marian Michniewicz (1922–2008).

Chairs: Andrzej Bajguz and Justyna Wiśniewska.

9:00–9:30Thierry Heitz – “How jasmonate metabolism controls defense responses against biotic stress”
9:30–10:00Danuše Tarkowská – “Looking for a needle in haystack – major aspects of analysis of brassinosteroids and other plant signalling molecules”

10:00–10:10Tomasz Sarnowski – “A non-canonical nuclear function of ERECTA family proteins in Arabidopsis
10:10–10:20Agata Kućko – “Transcriptional and post-transcriptional mediated regulation of expression of genes related to ABA/GA metabolism and signalling during light-dependent germination of Arabidopsis thaliana seeds”
10:20–10:30Aleksandra Pawela – “Regulation of seed germination and root morphology by abscisic acid transporters in model legume plant Medicago truncatula
10:30–10:40Tomasz Nodzyński – “The looped strive towards unravelling PIN structure-function connections”
10:40–10:50Milena Kulasek – “The auxin orchestra. Transcriptome-wide identification of genes encoding elements of auxin signal transduction pathway in yellow lupine flowers”
10:50–11:00 – General discussion

11:00–11:30 – Coffee break

11:30–13:00 – Poster session


Session 7: Biotechnology and tissue culture

Chairs: Ewa Łojkowska and Adriana Szmidt-Jaworska.

14:30–15:00Wendy Stirk – “Can plant hormones be used to enhance the value of microalgae biomass for biotechnological applications?”
15:00–15:30Christoph A. Gehring – “Cyclic nucleotide signaling in plants – from cyclases to systemic responses”
15:30–15:40Anna Aksmann – “Susceptibility of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii developmental stages to atrazine – cell cycle studies”
15:40–15:50Kinga Zatoń – “Comparison of the effectiveness of cleaning of municipal wastewater treated in experimental hydrophyte systems with Hippuris vulgaris and Hydrocharitetum morsus-ranae group”
15:50–16:00Michał Jasiński –“ABCG46 (PDR10) from Medicago truncatula as a model for substrate specificity investigation of ABC transporters”
16:00–16:10Anna Barabasz – “Contribution of NtZIPs in Zn and Cd uptake and root-to-shoot translocation in tobacco”
16:10–16:20 – General discussion

16:20-16:50 – Coffee break

16:50–18:20 – Poster session

18:20–19:30 – Closing ceremony

19:30–21:00 – Toruń by night tour / Gingerbread feast