Scientific Program

The program of the 3rd Conference of Polish Society of Experimental Plant Biology includes plenary lectures by invited guests and short presentations by awarded Young Scientists. The Conference will consist of 7 thematic sessions which will be accompanied by poster sessions. All lectures and presentations will be given successively, no parallel sessions are planned.

Opening lecture – Maciej W. Grabski: “Reliability of science and honesty of scientist”.

  • SESSION 1: Plant cell structure and function
  • SESSION 2: Plant bioenergetics
  • SESSION 3: Modeling of plant development
  • SESSION 4: Gene expression and plant development
  • SESSION 5: Plant interactions with other organisms
  • SESSION 6: Integration of plant functions
  • SESSION 7: Signaling in response to stress.

Session 1: Plant cell structure and function

Organizers: Joanna Deckert, Halina Gabryś:

  • Clive Lloyd: “Microtubules and the shape of plant cells”
  • Anna Majewska-Sawka: “The plant cell wall: structure, metabolism and the role in morphogenesis”
  • Andrzej Jerzmanowski: “Chromatin mechanisms in plant growth and development”
  • John Doonan: “Controlling cell division and growth during plant development”
  • Janusz Maszewski: “Intra-S-phase checkpoints in plants: genes, proteins, pathways”
  • Pankaj Dhonukshe: “Endocytosis mediates plant cytokinesis”.

Session 2: Plant bioenergetics

Organizers: Anna Rychter, Andrzej Szczepaniak:

  • Jerzy Kruk: “Antioxidant functions of plastoquinone in photosynthesis”
  • William Cramer: “Structure and function of the cytochrome bf complex of oxygenic photosynthesis”
  • Jacek Goc: “Energy and electron transport in photoreaction unit of purple photosynthetic bacteria”
  • Graham Noctor: “Redox effects on metabolic coordination and gene expression studied through the analysis of mutants”
  • Hanna Jańska: “Dynamic nature of plant mitochondrial genome”
  • Miquel Ribas-Carbo: “In vivo activity of the cyanide-resistant respiratory pathway in plants: regulation and function”
  • Wiesława Jarmuszkiewicz: “Plant mitochondrial uncoupling protein: physiological role and regulation”.

Session 3: Modeling of plant development

Organizers: Tamara Konstantinovna-Golovko, Kazimierz Strzałka:

  • Christer Sundqvist: “Models in the development and transformation of plastids”
  • Beata Myśliwa-Kurdziel: “Application of different model systems to study the early phase of greening process”
  • Beata Zagórska-Marek: “Model of changing phylotaxis in plants”
  • Piotr Zielenkiewicz: “Discovering biologically relevant information by automatic literature mining”.

Session 4: Gene expression and its regulation

Organizers: Grażyna Kłobus, Zofia Szweykowska:

  • Mark Stitt: “Genomics analysis of carbon signalling”
  • Rebecca Mosher: “Endogenous siRNAs of Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Tadeusz Rorat: “Expression of SK3-type dehydrin is associated with cold acclimation in Solanum species
  • Alicja Ziemienowicz: “Molecular analyses of PCNA genes from Phaseolus coccineus
  • Iwona Szarejko: “Induced mutations for detecting gene function in forward and reverse genetics”
  • Marcin Łukaszewicz: “Molecular engineering of flax”.

Session 5: Plant interactions with other organisms

Organizers: Ewa Łojkowska, Anna Skorupska:

  • Ian Toth: “The power of genomics in understanding pathogenesis and plant host defence:Pectobacterium atrosepticum and potato – a case study”
  • Katarzyna Turnau: “Plant-fungal interactions – possibilities to improve our life”
  • Magdalena Krzymowska: “Programmed cell death-plant defence mechanism”
  • Andrzej Mazur: “Rhizobial-legume symbiotic interactions: the role of bacterial surface polysaccharides”
  • Tomasz Stepkowski: “Biogeographic aspects of the evolution of nodulation genes in root-nodule bacteria”.

Session 6: Integration of plant functions

Organizers: Kazimierz Trębacz, Przemysław Wojtaszek:

  • Peter Schopfer: “How can plants grow? Biophysical and biochemical answers to an old problem”
  • Aart van Bel: “The sieve element/companion cell complex: a cellular surprise package”
  • Dolf Weijers: “Auxin responses in cell specification and cell communication”
  • Małgorzata Gaj: “Embryogenic transition of plant cells: clues from studies on somatic embryogenesis”
  • Frantisek Baluška: “Plant neurobiology: Paradigm shift in biological sciences?”
  • Wiesław Gruszecki: “Regulation of light energy utilization in photosynthesis”.

Session 7: Signaling in response to stress

Organizers: Alina Kacperska, Grażyna Muszyńska:

  • Przemysław Wojtaszek: “The role of cell wall-cytoskeleton continuum in the perception and transduction of stress signal”
  • Christine Foyer: “Redox homeostasis and antioxidant signalling in response to stress”
  • Edward Gwóźdź: “Nitric oxide regulates plant cell responses to abiotic stresses”
  • Teun Munnik: “Phospholipid signals in plants: ‚seeing is believing’“
  • Grażyna Dobrowolska: “Plant protein kinases SnRK2 – function and mechanism of activation in response to enviromental stress”
  • Kazimierz Trębacz: “Stress-induced electrical responses in long distance signaling”.