Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Silesia

On October 1, 2019, the Faculty of Natural Sciences began operating as one of the eight organizational units of the University of Silesia. The newly created faculty included two organizational units that previously operated under the names – the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection and the Faculty of Earth Sciences.

The Faculty’s geographic location, environmental changes, and technological and scientific progress shape the main trends in research conducted by the Faculty’s employees and students. The obtained research results often become a real solution or constitute a significant contribution to the implementation of the UN sustainable development goals.

Scientific research conducted at the faculty translates into a rich didactic offer, which is also synonymous with the fact that students learn not only the theoretical foundations of the disciplines, but above all are involved in the practical dimension of experimental sciences. Studying the faculties offered by the faculty allows students not only to participate in interesting lectures, practical exercises, laboratories, but also in numerous field classes. At the Faculty, students study in the following fields: Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Protection, Geography, Environmental Hazard Engineering, Tourism, Geology, Applied Geology, and Geophysics.


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