Conference Guide

General Remarks

All events (webinars and poster sessions) will be held on Zoom platform. The current version of Zoom application will be required to join an event (it will not be possible to attend an event in a browser). If Zoom application needs updating, it will present a notification that a newer version is required, with an option to download it.

We will organize a test events (a webinar and meetings) for all attendees between September 15 and 17, where Zoom configuration, including audio, video, and sharing, may be checked.

Links to the Conference events on Zoom, including the test meeting(s), will be available on the Conference Attendees Area page, where other important announcements may be posted as well.

Zoom will require that the full name and email address is given prior accessing an event (it doesn’t have to be the same email address that was used to register for the 10th Conference).


Lectures will be held in a “webinar mode.” During a lecture, attendees can ask questions using Q&A feature (only session chairpersons and presenting attendees are visible/audible to others during a lecture).

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will be held in a “meeting mode.” During a poster session, each presenting attendee will have a “room” assigned (called “breakout rooms” in Zoom), named after presentation ID (presentation IDs can be found in the abstract book and on the slide shows list; see below). All attendees may move between rooms and submit questions to presenting attendees on chat. However, discussion between presenting and other attendees may also be in a form of video and audio meeting with sharing a screen. We leave the decision on how to handle a “room meeting” to the attendees.

Slide Shows List

Slide shows serve the attendees as a starting point for getting an idea about others’ research. They may be shared in the same or modified form by the presenting attendees during a poster session. Each item on the list includes presentation ID, and the same ID will be given to the room name during a poster session on Zoom. The list will be available during the Conference on

This page was last updated on: 2021-09-17

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